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Let me begin by saying, I get it, I empathize with you. You are about to engage in buying a service you probably know very little about. Not a very confident position!. Family, friends, and social media have exposed the many horror stories that can occur. In the examples below my intention is to demystify the cost of landscaping. 

The biggest mistake I believe people make is actually our fault!. Yes that's right. Most contractors will ask you two questions. What do you want and how much do you want to spend. Most people are good with generating a wishlist, but how are you supposed to generate a budget without knowing what the cost of anything is? At The Garden Wizard we aim to raise your confidence through transparency. 

Check out some benchmarks below - Mike

Here's Some Benchmarks

7 k to 10 k

Porch - $ 2,000 Retaining Wall $ 2,000

Stairs - $ 2,000 Walkway - $ 2,000

Logistics - $ 1,000

12 k to 15 k

Porch, Stairs, Walkway - $ 9,000. 

Gardens - $ 2,500

Logistics - $ 1,000

15 k to 20 k

This is square-cut flagstone on a poured concrete base. Very labour intensive and expensive material. 

10 k

Tumbled stone patio and stairs. We build our stairs 18" wide for a more comfortable experience. This patio is 15' wide and 20 ' deep.

15 k to 20 k

This patio is 30 ' x 15 '. The cedar pergola is 12' x 12' and is $ 4,000. The plantings you see are typical of the size of trees we plant. These four trees would cost $ 2,000 installed.

5 k

Side walkways always surprise people, but split between neighbours helps!. You can do flasgtone stepping stones in river rock for about half the cost.